Key Events in our History

1880s-90s Japanese immigrants arrive in Vancouver and begin forming a community1892 Beginning of the Japanese Mission

1896 Rev. Goro Kaburagi is called as the first minister of the Vancouver Japanese Mission of the Methodist Church

1906 Dedication of the Powell Street Church as home of the Vancouver Japanese congregation

1925 The congregation enters church union with Presbyterian and Congregational churches, becoming the Japanese United Church

1928 The Fairview Japanese Mission is established in Vancouver

1942 Canadians of Japanese descent sent to internment camps during Second World War

1942-43 The Powell Street Church is officially closed and the Board of Home Missions approves a plan to permit First United Church to use the building

1953 The United Church of Canada sells the Powell Street Church to Welfare Industries, a service society of First United Church. With no say, the Vancouver Japanese United Church loses its home.

1978 The Japanese United Church buys and moves into the former St. Luke’s United Church building in Vancouver

1988 The National Association of Japanese Canadians and the Canadian government sign the Japanese Canadian Redress Agreement

2009 BC Conference makes a statement of recognition and apology to members of the Vancouver Japanese United Church for the 1953 sale of the Powell Street Church

2017 The Vancouver Japanese United English-speaking congregation formally disbands. The Japanese-speaking congregation holds bilingual (English and Japanese) worship services monthly.

2018 The Moderator of The United Church of Canada and the Executive Secretary of BC Conference present the Vancouver Japanese United Church with a $500,000 redress payment